Client: Wald - Das Magazin für draußen, 2018
Art Director: Pia Scharler
Illustration: Sandra Neuditschko
For the 2018 Wald Magazin fall issue I was asked to illustrate 4 big flower illustrations. The article shows the similarities between humans and plants  and what we can learn about them.
1. Briefing & first sketch
The article features four main points. Each point covers a special subject and is connected to a flower / plant.
Illustration 1: networking, plant families, roses; Illustration2: adaption & reproduction, hops; Illustration 3: structure & climate, dandelion; Illustration 4: experience & mistakes, mimosa
My intention was to show the growth of every single flower / plant since there are so many similarities between them and humans.

First sketch of the dandelions

2. Sketches
3. Finished Illustrations
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