Editorial Map Illustration | Monocle Magazine
Client: Monocle Magazine, March 2020​​​​​​​
Designer: Giulia Tugnoli
Illustrator: Sandra Neuditschko
For the march issue 2020 of the Monocle Magazine I was asked to illustrate a map of my home country Austria. The issue was all about Austria and what you can do here. The map served as overview. As native I had full control over the icons and cities I wanted to show. The lettering was done in-house to match the style of the magazine.
1. Briefing & Sketch
Since I had full control over the map I decided to show the 9 states of Austria and their capitals aswell as a few important cities like Hallstatt or St. Anton. The icons show typical austrian food, personalities and architecture. ​​​​​​​

First sketch

First color palette

2. First draft
The first draft was approved without big changes to the layout and icons. The initial color palette was reduced to 5 main colors to match the layout of the magazine.

First Final Draft

Final Color Palette

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