I show the world as it is: colourful, loud and diverse. I like to work with strong and expressive colours and strive to create works of art that are not only pleasing to look at but are also informative and meaningful.
​​​​​​​My services
» Illustrations for different media (people, portraits, animals, food, plants,...)
e.g. editorial, corporate design, packaging, advertising, web design, gaming industry
» Illustrated maps, recipes, manuals
e.g. books, calendars, cards, posters
» Book illustration
e.g. cover illustration, children’s books, school books, non-fiction books, guides
» Graphic Design
e.g. Poster, Booklets, Flyer
» Pattern Design (open for licensing, just drop 
me a line)

e.g. for wrapping paper, postcards, notebooks
My techniques
» Watercolor
» Digital 
» Colored pencils
» Ink (quill & brush)
If you are interested in realizing one of your ideas with me, feel free to send me a non-binding inquiry.
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