I show the world as it is: colourful, loud and diverse. I like to work with strong and expressive colours and strive to create works of art that are not only pleasing to look at but are also informative and meaningful.
My services
» Illustrations for different media (people, portraits, animals, food, plants)
e.g. editorial, corporate design, packaging, advertising, web design, gaming industry
» Illustrated maps, recipes, manuals
e.g. books, calendars, cards, posters
» Book illustration
e.g. cover illustration, children’s books, school books, non-fiction books, guides
» Graphic Design
e.g. Poster, Booklets, Flyer
My favourite techniques
» Watercolour & colored pencils
» Ink (quill & brush)
» Digital manipulation with Adobe Photoshop (particularly for maps)
If you are interested in realizing one of your ideas with me, feel free to send me a non-binding inquiry.
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